29 Aug

Tardis Bathroom Remodel

Tardis Door

Last year I was introduced to Doctor Who and binged with all the newer episodes starting with the 9th Doctor.

I really enjoyed David Tennant and found him to be real easy to watch. I must admit I was sad to see him go and replaced by the 11th Doctor. It took me a little bit to get used to Matt Smith but has since became my favorite doctor. His playful ways and his whole attitude is just very enjoyable.


For mother’s day this year I told my kids that even tho I really enjoy candles and body spray I had enough of these things. So off my kids went shopping. My Son Linux surprised me with a lovely Doctor Who poster While I was super happy I had no where to really put it so it sat behind my desk rolled up until last weekend when I decided that it would be one of the focal point in my half bathroom/laundry room.


I decided I would pay tribute to Doctor Who and went with a Tardis door and Doctor Who decor. I am pretty happy with how it all turned out Here are the steps I took to get to where it is att. I do play on putting the 3 smaller picture on the wall behind the toilet and I will most likelt mount the poster to the wall. I would then like to draw the crack in space and time between the shelf and the picture. I did not need those shelves but decided I was tired of having clothes fall behind the washer and dryer so that is why they are there.


2014-08-23 17.23.40

2014-08-23 17.23.50

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2014-08-28 20.06.51

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