14 Aug

Learning how to paint humminbird and cactui

So last year I discovered that I like to paint I started taking a class and just free hand paint stuff and I really like it.

I never thought that I liked it cuz I don’t feel like I’m too good at drawing but there’s a lot of tutorials out there and I really got into it.

For some reason I could only really paint in certain spaces. I find it weird but whatever. I winded up making this hummingbird drawing and I finished everything except the actual hummingbird. I’ve brought this hummingbird with me to our family Lakeside Cottage many times and when I bring this I bring like my paint bins and a bag and I never ever get around to working on it.

I’m finally happy to say that today is the day that I finished it.

I’m so proud of myself because I have a lot of issues completing projects I love starting projects however when it comes time to completing them I just lose interest!!! Now it’s completed and here is nice little picture for you to see.

I follow the tutorial by a website called painting by number step by step paintings 🖼

I hope you enjoy my little bit of creativity! Thanks for reading bye-bye!!