14 Aug

Learning how to paint humminbird and cactui

So last year I discovered that I like to paint I started taking a class and just free hand paint stuff and I really like it.

I never thought that I liked it cuz I don’t feel like I’m too good at drawing but there’s a lot of tutorials out there and I really got into it.

For some reason I could only really paint in certain spaces. I find it weird but whatever. I winded up making this hummingbird drawing and I finished everything except the actual hummingbird. I’ve brought this hummingbird with me to our family Lakeside Cottage many times and when I bring this I bring like my paint bins and a bag and I never ever get around to working on it.

I’m finally happy to say that today is the day that I finished it.

I’m so proud of myself because I have a lot of issues completing projects I love starting projects however when it comes time to completing them I just lose interest!!! Now it’s completed and here is nice little picture for you to see.

I follow the tutorial by a website called painting by number step by step paintings 🖼

I hope you enjoy my little bit of creativity! Thanks for reading bye-bye!!


19 Sep

lounge chairs


So a few weeks back my dad came over and helped me add a lattice fence on the side of my house and helped me arranged me a few trees and bird feeders. Since then I kinda got the wood working bug!So it started out that my son Linux and I decided to build a lounge chair. We looked on pinterest and found this sample plan so we went with it.Pic from original pinterest post which is a blog post on remodelaholic.com done by Amy over at hertoolbelt.com

It took us 2 days to finish the bench but that is because we started late with getting the wood and missing supplies. We are quite proud on how it turned out. Not bad for our first build if I can say so myself.:)

See our progress below!

18 Sep

a few weeks back I was looking on marketplaces on Facebook and saw an add for a free dresserI had been wanting to make a vanity dresser for my teenage daughter, so I went ahead and scooped it up.Being I am a dyi addict I had a lot different projects I needed to work on so it spent the summer on my back porch.this week I had a family member visiting and we wanted to stay outside so I decided to tackle the desk.I started by using a bit of paint striper to remove some of the previous colors this desk has been over the years.I removed light turquoise, white and brown stain.after letting the paint striper do its thing I went ahead and got to standing.I LOVE sanding things, it’s an obsession of mines . I used 3 different Sanders to achieve a fabulous light wood grain.originally my daughter wanted it solid white so I filled the one crack and let that dry.I was however able to talk her into doing a white wash instead so I had to resand the top.We decided to do the inside of the drawers a bright blue to match a wall in her room.Several with was coat and a clear coat later and this is our finished product.As I was shopping the thrift stores for a vvanity mirror to put on her desk I stumbled upon this cute little bench that fit perfect.it did have an ugly fabric so I redid the ccushion ( using fabric from a cushion I purchased at Michael’s) and of course sanded it and patinted it to match the rest of the desk!the inside is backwards but oh well lesson learned for next time.

17 Aug

Site Redesign in progress

For the past few years I was really into this site and posted regularly. Life happened and I had less and less time to work on it.

I changed host provider and lost all my old data in the process along with the customized template I had created.

I have been putting this site on hold for far too long in my opinion so I figured just get something back up there as I have quite a few projects I would like to share with you guys and I can work on making the rest pretty later. So in case you have been following me for a while know that a more pleasing overhaul will be coming in the next few weeks. In the mean time I hope that you enjoy your stay and remember I always LOVE to hear about your feedback.