19 Aug

My Inspiration Wall

Inspirational Wall Done

This wall has been something I have wanted to work on for such a long time. I moved in a year ago and this wall was just gray. I then decided to decorate it during Halloween with this witch backdrop it was really cool but when I went to take the decal off it peeled all the paint


Solaris as a zombie

I then decided to make a bold statement in my house ( And invest in some good paint Sico Revolution) and the wall ended up looking like this. It stayed like that for a few months.

2014-08-18 21.39.40

I knew I wanted to make this wall my focal point of the house and have been working on bits and ends for a makeover of it for a long time.  I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! That I have finally finished all the pieces and that I got my wall up. I really wanted to get this done before my kids come back from their 2 month vacation with their dad so being they will get home on Saturday I just  made it in time.


2014-08-18 22.10.31 2014-08-18 23.29.44 Inspirational Wall Done

I really wanted to get this post up as I just finished the wall. I will come back and add more details and lots of step by step instructions of what I did with all the elements.