25 Dec

Mermaid tail crochet blanket

crochet mermaid tail

A while back my friend asked me if I would like to crochet a mermaid tail blanket for my little niece. I am ALWAYS eager to get started on a new crochet project so I said YES!!!!

Off to Micheal’s I went to gat some yarn to get started on this project.

I purchase this pattern on Ravelry.com from Crochet by Jennifer. I must say it was pretty simple to follow and took no time at all to get this completed. I know it looks a bit small from the picture but my niece is only 2 so it could not be such a big blanket.


crochet mermaid tail crochet mermaid tail



25 Dec

Girly Minion Purse

2015-12-14 22.54.36

I recently made a Minion purse for Operation Santa Clause. My friend wanted me to make him a girly minion purse for his step daughter.

I must admin I have never seen any Minion movies so I was not even sure if there is a girl. According to my daughter there is a purple Minion but no other girls.

In any case here is my take on the girly Minion.


2015-12-14 22.54.36