30 Jun

Homemade laundry detergent

A while back I stumbled homemade laundry detergent on Pinterest. This got me curious and I wanted to give that a shot but I was unable to fine washing soda here in Sherbrooke Quebec.

Imagine my surprise when I found washing soda on clearance at my grocery store =-)

It took me a while to finally decide to get the rest of the supplies to make it but last night I had ran out of laundry detergent and I decided I would give it a shot.

I was able to find all the other ingredients except the Fels-Naptha Bar so I went with regular Nivea soap called happy time.

This smells soooooooooooooooooo good OMG I just love it

I did 3 loads of laundry last night and it seems to clean very well and got some tough smells out of my young adult son.

I decided to go with this recipe I found on From The Woman Cave via Pinterest.
I did add an additional ingredient which is baking soda.

So here is the recipe breakdown.

3 cups Borax
3 Cups Washing Soda
3 Cups Baking Soda1 1/2 cups Oxi Clean( Wal-mart brand)
2 Cups Downy beads ( purple Lush)
3 bar Grated Nivea Happy Time Soap

I mixed all of the ingredients together and transferred into an air tight container.

This made about 14 cups of detergent and according to other bloggers you are to use 1 tablespoon per load of laundry so according to my calculations you should get 224 tablespoons / load which comes out to about .08ยข per load.

2015-06-29 19.53.37


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