18 Sep

Crochet Superhero Inspired hat and fingerless gloves

hat and fingerless crochet set

Wow so as I was writing many post today so I can finally get some of my projects up on my blog I realized that I really do love to crochet for other people HAHAH.

At work we do a secret Santa exchange every year ( well this was the 2nd year) I was excited when I got match with this geek girl at work. I knew she likes video games and super heroes and such and when her favorite included red, yellow and black it was super easy to come up with this combo.

I saw this pattern on the Red Heart website a few years back and always wanted to make the hat but I could never figure out who would be willing to wear such a hat. until Fanny came along that is =-)

For the gloves I followed this simple pattern from The Hippy Hooker. It was quite a simple project to make and I think it turned out looking great.


hat and fingerless crochet set fingerless super power gloves 2015-11-25 13.04.58




25 Dec

Crochet men’s neck warmer

crochet neck warmer

So I have a few guys that I would like to make things to ( out of crochet of course) but it is always kindda tricky as well they don’t really want silly hats, scarves are like blah and I mostly suck at socks so when I found this pattern a few years back I knew that I would be able to use this for some type of guys presents.



I love how it looks very masculine especially with the decorative buttons. I just hope the person I am going to give this one to likes it!!!

crochet neck warmer


19 Nov

Retro Throw for my Bro


I am very happy with how this blanket turned out. This is another Christmas present I made f especially for my brother.  I chose this pattern for my brother because it is fun and nice. i was VERY surprised to see that he had painted his doors red when I showed up at Christmas, Now this throw is a PERFECT Match. I used a pattern called Rings & Things by Leshia Tweddle

IMG_20111225_172842_medium2 IMG_20111225_172956_medium2